Veridix AI

Powering 21st Century Clinical Research​

Veridix AI

Powering 21st Century Clinical Research​

Technology & AI Platform

​Providing the Technology, Data, Analytical and AI capabilities to modernize and automate clinical research within Emmes and across the industry​

Making effective use of the complex, large-scale datasets and analytical models available to researchers​

Modernizing processes across the full spectrum of clinical trial activities including trial design, feasibility, data management, monitoring etc.​

Embedding AI Within Clinical Research

In partnership with our sister Emmes Group business, Emmes CRO, we are building native AI based processes and capabilities within clinical research.

Automation – Reducing or eliminating time consuming, repetitive, and error prone manual processes within clinical research.

Patient Engagement – Expanding patient access, increasing patient diversity, and improving engagement and retention.

Real World Evidence – Incorporating large-scale, complex datasets into research capabilities, from real world data to biological data such as ‘omics.

Disease Insights – Developing a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying clinical disease and treatment response.

    Solution Overview

    eClinical Cloud

    Conduct clinical research on the industry’s first fully unified eClinical platform​.


    Enable centralized oversight and control of biological specimen assets to ensure sample integrity​.


    Analyze large, complex, biological data sets through our advanced and automated capabilities.


    Manage large, complex, health and biomedical information programs with modern, digital technology.

    Therapeutic Area Experience

    All of Veridix AI’s solutions have been developed through an intimate understanding of clinical research, including the therapeutic areas focused on by our sister business under the Emmes Group, Emmes CRO.

    Vaccines & Infectious Diseases

    As a full service CRO, Emmes and Veridix AI have worked on nearly every epidemic and pandemic since our founding in 1977.


    Emmes’ ophthalmology clinical research services span a variety of disorders including age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and rare diseases.


    Emmes’ neuroscience therapeutic research unit has significant experience in traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, autism, depression, schizophrenia and substance use disorders.

    Cell & Gene Therapy

    With more than 45 years’ of clinical trial experience, our innovations are unlocking real research potential to test and create life-changing treatments for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions and diseases.

    Rare Disease

    Built around individual patient needs and understanding the benefits for each one, from stabilization of a disease to a better quality of life, ensuring patient retention and thus better outcomes for sponsors.

    Built from more than 40 years of experience in clinical research, the industry’s first native digital and AI-led specialty CRO optimized for speed, efficiency, and better outcomes.












    “We have worked with the top 16 out of 20 leading biopharma companies, applying our technology, data and analytical expertise to all types of clinical trials.  Their trust and partnership allows us to expand our capabilities to further modernize and automate clinical research.“

    Noble Shore

    VP, Technology Strategy & Adoption

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