About Us


Veridix AI is the technology, data and AI arm of the Emmes Group, dedicated to pioneering advancements in AI and patient-centric technologies. The name Veridix AI has its roots in ‘Verus’ the Latin word for “truth”, and ‘-dix’ for “data”, “insights”, and “experience”. Taken together Veridix AI collectively symbolizes our dedication to delivering meaningful, patient-focused solutions through technology, data, and insights.  Veridix AI, part of Emmes Group, where human intelligence meets artificial intelligence. 
We are passionate about serving patients by bringing the latest technological and analytical advancements to clinical research. Through constant innovation we aim to increase the pace of evaluating new treatments and bring new treatments to patients more quickly.

    Our sister business under the Emmes Group, Emmes CRO, is also dedicated to truth. Emmes CRO uses truth as their guide to research that improves human health around the world. Partnering together with Emmes CRO, we are helping them advance their legacy of scientific excellence through the end-to-end use of technology and AI, ultimately benefiting public health and driving biopharmaceutical innovation.

    Combining our expertise in technology and AI with Emmes CRO’s operational and scientific excellence, we are modernizing clinical research. Our joint efforts represent a significant step forward for life sciences, bringing the next generation of technology, data and AI to clinical research.