EDC, the core component of the Advantage eClinical Cloud platform, is an advanced and robust solution for data capturing, managing, cleaning and reporting.

Modernizing EDC With AI

Veridix AI is modernizing EDC by incorporating AI and automation into the core processes used to ingest, monitor, and correct the critical data captured for your clinical trial. Many aspects of data management benefit from AI and automation including:

  • AI-based capabilities for importing non-EDC data sources
  • Automated builds and edit checks based on AI recommendations
  • Data correction recommendations at point of entry
  • Monitoring to automatically detect and correct site-based entries

Direct Data Capture

Advantage EDC enables direct data capture capabilities with the ability to securely attach any file or document.


Integrated coding module for verbatim terms to the MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries, including automated and manual coding across multiple dictionary levels, review and reclassification of coding decisions, and support for dictionary upcoding.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Users can log in with a single account to access any Advantage eClinical Cloud application, connected apps or websites.

Faster Launch, Faster Changes

One place for all build activities eliminates redundancy and minimizes error. Build a study once and the configuration is automatically applied to any Advantage eClinical Cloud application. An easy-to-use publishing tool allows mid-study changes and amendments to be deployed quickly without any system downtime.

Quick & Easy Remote SDV

CRAs can remotely verify site-entered data are consistent with source documents (or other electronic systems), can indicate discrepancies at the field level, and track them until resolution. Automated resolution of discrepancy queries saves time by eliminating re-review.


Real-time Visibility & Access to Data

Visually track enrollment progress, query, and performance KPIs across sites. Visualizations make it easy to identify site compliance issues. Access pre-built interactive reports, charts, and data aggregations or build your own.

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