Featured Publications

Technology & Benchmarks

  • Jensen TL, Frasketi M, Conway K, Villarroel L, Hill H, Krampis K, Goll JB. RSEQREP: RNA-Seq Reports, an open-source cloud-enabled framework for reproducible RNA-Seq data processing, analysis, and result reporting. F1000Research. 2018 Apr 13;6.
  • Jensen TL, Hooper WF, Cherikh SR, Goll JB. RP-REP Ribosomal Profiling Reports: an open-source cloud-enabled framework for reproducible ribosomal profiling data processing, analysis, and result reporting. F1000Research. 2021 Feb 24;10(143):143.
  • Goll, Johannes B., et al. “The Vacc-SeqQC project: Benchmarking RNA-Seq for clinical vaccine studies.” Frontiers in immunology 13 (2023): 1093242.

Machine Learning for Biomarker Discovery

  • DeZern, Amy E., et al. “Utility of targeted gene sequencing to differentiate myeloid malignancies from other cytopenic conditions.” Blood Advances 7.14 (2023): 3749-3759.
  • Natrajan, Muktha S., et al. “Systems vaccinology for a live attenuated tularemia vaccine reveals unique transcriptional signatures that predict humoral and cellular immune responses.” Vaccines 8.1 (2019): 4.

Genomics & Epigenomics

  • Miller, Christopher A., et al. “Failure to detect mutations in U2AF1 due to changes in the GRCh38 reference sequence.” The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 24.3 (2022): 219-223.
  • Krushkal, Julia, et al. “Increased copy number of imprinted genes in the chromosomal region 20q11-q13. 32 is associated with resistance to antitumor agents in cancer cell lines.” Clinical Epigenetics 14.1 (2022): 161.
  • Minaya MA, Jensen TL, Goll JB, Korom M, Datla SH, Belshe RB, Morrison LA. Molecular Evolution of Herpes Simplex Virus 2 Complete Genomes: Comparison between Primary and Recurrent Infections. Journal of Virology. 2017 Dec 1. 19(23): e00942-17
  • Ross, Shannon, et al. “Cytomegalovirus genetic diversity following primary infection.” The Journal of infectious diseases (2019).


  • Silver, Richard F., et al. “Distinct gene expression signatures comparing latent tuberculosis infection with different routes of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination.” Nature Communications 14.1 (2023): 8507.
  • Hamzabegovic, Fahreta, et al. “Flagellin adjuvanted F1/V subunit plague vaccine induces T cell and functional antibody responses with unique gene signatures.” NPJ vaccines 5.1 (2020): 6.
  • Howard, Leigh M., et al. “AS03-Adjuvanted H5N1 Avian Influenza Vaccine Modulates Early Innate Immune Signatures in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.” The Journal of infectious diseases 219.11 (2018): 1786-1798.
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  • Chang YH, Duong DM, Goll JB, Wood DC, Jensen TL, Yin L, Gelber CE, Seyfried NT, Anderson E, Natrajan MS, Rouphael N. Proteomic Analysis of Human Immune Responses to Live-Attenuated Tularemia Vaccine. Vaccines. 2020 Sep;8(3):413.
  • Galassie, Allison C., et al. “Proteomics show antigen presentation processes in human immune cells after AS03‐H5N1 vaccination.” Proteomics 17.12 (2017): 1600453.

Metabolomics & Lipidomics

  • Howard, Leigh M., et al. “Metabolomic Signatures Differentiate Immune Responses in Avian Influenza Vaccine Recipients.” The Journal of Infectious Diseases (2024): jiad611.
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