A fast, intuitive, and complete randomization and trial supply management solution that enables simpler and faster study conduct to support trial designs across any therapeutic area.

Simplified Site Experience

Advantage eClinical RTSM is seamlessly integrated with Advantage eClinical EDC, permitting the sites to enter patient data, and in real-time, receive randomization and dispensation instructions. Purpose-built to work together, these applications share a common interface with single sign-on that simplifies site tasks, facilitates information flows, and streamlines trial operations.


RTSM Support for Any Study Design

Standard permuted random block designs and corresponding kit tracking capabilities can be set up within minutes without the need for any programming to meet the most aggressive study start-up timelines. Authorized users can open and close study cohorts throughout the study and change enrollment limits as needed. These updates are applied in real-time throughout the system. 

Detailed Shipment & Inventory Tracking

Robust inventory of assigned kits, their types, status, and expiration date provide greater visibility of trial supplies.

Real-time Kit Assignment & Confirmation

Trigger kits in real-time based on randomization activities and a range of methodologies.

Efficient IMP Ordering

Kit batch upload with validation & support for study-specific fields, automated ordering based on site inventory and configured thresholds enables fast and efficient orders and approvals.

Automated Expirations & Returns

Advantage eClinical RTSM automates tracking of kits expiration and those that have been quarantined.  Users can easily initiate kit returns with the option to ship to another site. 


Support for any study design.