Technology Modernization

Building the infrastructure for 21 st century clinical research

Life Science Infrastructure

Veridix AI technology modernization enables scientific and health care research. We focus on existing, new, and emerging technologies, and on creating the integration needed to share information across the translational research domain. Our experts strategically manage and develop complex health and biomedical information programs for the Federal Government, research academia, and private sectors.

Modernizing Life Sciences With AI

We build applications which incorporate AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate scientific and clinical processes for improved operational efficiency, faster error resolution, and reduced unplanned outages.

Systems Design & Engineering

Our experience lies in systems design, engineering, and integration using methodologies in Agile Development, DevOps, and the Semantic Web. A deep understanding life science specific data enables the Veridix AI team to create analytic pipelines and consolidated data systems providing the critical evidence-based information researchers need to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Core Expertise:

  • Database Administration
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • IT Systems Consolidation
  • Application Engineering
  • Machine Learning/AI/NLP
  • Integrated Process Automation

Program And Project Management

The success of any IT and informatics project is based on the ability to execute on strategy and vision. Using industry best practices, Our Program and Project Managers (PMs) align goals and execution strategies through comprehensive project planning. Our PMs ensure successful completion of your projects. We achieve positive impacts through increased efficiency and rigorous risk management.

Core Expertise:

    • Program Planning & Management
    • Business Analysis & Design
    • Stakeholder Management & Communications
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Project Recovery
    • Clinical Data Standards

Thank you for your interest in Veridix AI

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